New Seychelles Designer Villa: Praslin Private Beach Villa

Seychelles Villa 407 | Praslin
Main Villa & 2 Guest Villas
Discreet | Private Pools
Private Beach

Beachfront luxury private villas for rental in the Seychelles are extremely rare so when the owner of Villa Praslinproudly informed us of its completion, we were very excited to offer such a unique property to our clients.

Completed in 2014 the villa was conceived by the Indian Ocean Architecture practice Artema, known for their tropical elegance with a ‘French twist’. The designers have made the most of this beautiful beachfront plot and its lush tropical gardens, ensuring the property is immersed in nature. Space and light are important to its design as well as the use of natural materials throughout.

Nestled on the Anse Gouvernement beach in Praslin, Seychelles, this 5 bedroom villa (sleeping 10 adults and 2 children) is on an exclusive estate of 5300 m² opening up onto a private beach and the sea. The property consists of a main residence with 3 suites and infinity pool and 2 independent guest villas with their own private pool each.

Seychelles enjoys world renown for its flora and fauna, its turquoise sea and heavenly beaches. Among the hundreds of islands that form the archipelago “Praslin” is the most famous.

Villa Praslin is ideal for a group of friends, a family get together or a VIP stay. The villa is very private, in a unique location on a pristine and immaculate private beach. Fully staffed with a private chef, butler and all meals included, come and unwind and enjoy the bounty of authentic Seychelles in your own private home.

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May your 2014 be filled with creativity, inspiration and laughter!