Chartering a Yacht

You’re on the deck with wind rippling through your hair and basking in the sea breeze and sun, or in the luxurious intimate interior unwinding as you glide across the blanket of sea, super yachts are the ultimate experience away from the shore.

Whether it be for a world-renowned event such as Cannes Film Festival or a brief escape from the rest of the world, there are plenty of reasons for chartering a yacht. And with our expertise in the most illustrious areas around the world, we can find you the perfect villa stay and yacht charter for any scenario.

Efficiency is an important requirement in luxury travel and we pride ourselves on the expediency of our services. 


Coupling a private yacht charter with a luxury villa stay draws the parallels and differences between the two. Whilst they are both luxurious, independent, private and allow for peace or fun; they also offer entirely new experiences.

Renting a private island is a liberating and unique experience on its own but when coupled with a private yacht charter your journey itself becomes even more memorable and the vast expanse to explore extends to become the further distances of the ocean. 

Here at Art de Vivre, we have already conjured ideal pairings of yachts and property stays. However, when you make a request through us, we tailor the villa and yacht charter options specifically to your desires and needs.

  • Karma Pelikanos | Located on the Greek island of Mykonos, this villa offers fantastic access to the Aegean waters, which you can freely explore with your chartered yacht.

  • Cousine Island | Nestled in the Seychelles, an Indian Ocean yacht rental can enhance a stunning stay at the most unique exclusive-use private island in our collection.

  • Villa Aqua | A luxurious Australian villa with its own private marina, pontoon and three Jet Ski docks. Explore the Great Barrier Reef in style.

VIP Events

For many prestigious events around the Côte d'Azur, we offer designer villas nearby that accentuate our clients experience of these events. Cannes Film Festival for example is a favourite for those staying at Domaine de Provence which overlooks the stunning Cannes Bay and your chartered yacht. The Monaco Grand Prix also sees many yacht charters from its visitors and coupled with a stay at Domaine Mareeba or Villa C-View, we can ensure an exceptional experience. Furthermore, the private yachts offer a far more central location during the celebrations and make a very adaptable environment throughout the week.

Our clients enjoy combining villa rentals and yacht charters to create a unique experience that pleases everyone in their party.
— Julie Gauthier, Founder & Director, Art de Vivre