The Back to Nature Collection

Escape back to nature, staying in a designer villa inspired by the outstanding natural beauty surrounding it, whether a tropical island, an African savannah or the jungles of Brazil. Dip your toes in your private cove whilst family and friends explore the untouched beach of your exclusive Seychelles villa. Gaze out at wild animals roaming nearby whilst you and your guests are served dinner on the verandah at dusk, with an unparalleled vista over the South African private reserve. Each designer villa in this collection has been inspired, designed and created with love and respect for nature in mind, showcasing their owners’ passion for the natural world. These properties push the boundaries of how a private home can blend in with its surroundings through contemporary design, and give their guests an unforgettable experience.

South Africa, Kenya, Brazil, Uruguay
Turks & Caicos, Seychelles


AW14 Designer Worldwide Villa Collection