Our Top 2014 New Year's Resolutions for Creatives



1. Polish your creative skills by pursuing some of your own design projects. Boost your creativity and feel the passions run deep.

2. Travel to new places to learn, engage, and spark new ideas for life.

3. Do more collaborative work. Reach out and motivate others. Book a corporate chalet break or an inspiring villa. Learn from others and create something new and exciting together.

4. Read more - whether for relaxation or knowledge, reading is superb therapy, whether on your Kindle or good old-fashioned books.

5. Experience more masterpieces in the flesh, whether architecture, furniture, fashion, timepieces, jewellery or elegant cuisine.

6. Work Smarter - Focus on the things that work and remember time and energy are valuable resources. Use social media to stay ahead, connected and informed. Declutter your life of those redundant RSS feeds etc.

7. Make great memories that will last a lifetime . Whether it’s a spot of corporate entertaining or an overdue family get-together, ensure some moments they’ll never forget..

8. Get out more at weekends; get away from the computer, tablet and mobile for a walk in the countryside, or a visit to a gallery or a museum. Creative thoughts need space and stimulation.

9. Share your love of art and design with all those around you. Your passion will inspire your colleagues, friends, and family, and in turn they will inspire you.

10. Fill your life with surprises. Whether going for something you’ve always wanted to do or organising the party of a lifetime, do something that will keep them talking for days.


May your 2014 be filled with creativity, inspiration and laughter!